One of the best modern elements of the hiring and recruitment process is video interviewing. It is easier to process, reduce the costs and allows for re-evaluation later on. This infographic from vikbot shows some of the benefits of video interviewing and it’s recent rise.

1. Speeds Up Your Hiring Process

Reducing your quantity of time to recruit by having the option to connect with the best candidates as soon as time permits is important for some businesses. Particularly for jobs with skills storages, for example, IT and Engineering.

Utilizing video interviews as the first phase of your hiring process allows you to draw in with candidates significantly earlier. From a candidates point of view, being approached to finish a video interview causes them to get more drawn in and to feel they are being considered for the job.

For the enrollment specialist, having the option to see and hear candidates not long after their application, permits you to identify the candidates quicker. You would then be able to contact those candidates promptly, in a perfect world before one of your competitors.

2. Improves Quality Of Hiring Process

One of the main advantages of video interviews is its capacity to upgrade the nature of the hiring process. Having the option to talk with all candidates that apply for a job, permits you to rapidly and proficiently evaluate which are the best fit, not simply which look great on paper.

Numerous candidates have quality skills based on their CV alone, however, when you meet them, they don’t satisfy hopes. Having the option to see and hear candidates toward the beginning of the hiring process permits you to make a more adjusted judgment - allowing you the chance to recognize the best candidates earlier.

3. Improving Candidates Commitment With Your Brand

As the economy keeps on improving, candidates can be more specific about where they work. Having the option to introduce your brand in the most suitable light is, therefore, if you are to attract quality candidates for jobs.

Utilizing completely branded interviews, including video presentations and recorded inquiries, empowers the possibility to see your business in a decent light. At the point when candidates can see and hear existing workers discussing the job or the organization, they become more drawn in and appreciate a positive first experience of your brand..

Similarly for some businesses, those candidates applying for a job may also be a potential or existing client. Giving them a decent client experience of the application cycle, including ideal and productive criticism is significant.

4. No Time Wasted Interviewing Unacceptable Candidates

We’ve all been there - a candidate walks through the entryway and inside 30 seconds we realize they’re simply going to fit. By far most of us are too well mannered to even think about saying, much obliged yet we will pass. All things being equal, we experience the entire interview process and burn through everybody’s time.

With a video you can watch the initial 30 seconds of an candidates interview, in the event that you believe they’re simply not appropriate, essentially move onto the next candidate.

5. Reduce The Cost Of Hiring Process

Hiring process can be costly and tedious. The basic task of scheduling an interview can transform into a huge headache, making you go to and forth through email for quite a long time, or even weeks, as you attempt to discover a period that is helpful for all candidates.

What’s more, this current it is difficult for the candidates, all things considered. Commonly, they need to take time off and even travel to make it to the screening interview. This difficulty is to go to a gathering where, more often than not, the recruiter chooses if they’ll move the candidates further all the while, or if they’ll actually enlist him, based on their early introductions.

Utilizing pre-recorded video interviews to screen candidates will provide you with all the understanding you’re searching for without any problems, who can answer your inquiries serenely and voluntarily. Along these lines, recruiter don’t have to meet candidates face to face on the first round, which reduce costs and dispenses with booking issues.

6. Improve Collaboration On Your Hiring Process

Improving collaboration effort inside your hiring division is also key to settle on better recruiting choices. video interviews allow you to include all your colleagues simultaneously. They can all, whenever it might suit them, view, rank and remark on video accounts and afterward think aboutcadidates. This leads a more transparent and aggregate decision making process and makes it easier and speedier, taking out individual duty.

There’s no uncertainty video interviews are the best approach with regards to improving and updating your recruitment process. Take every one of these advantages in thought and contact VIKBOT for more data on how you can digitise your enlistment cycle.