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VIKBOT Video Analytics

Construction Problem

Monitoring the perimeter to provide a safe workplace to workers by ensuring safety protocols is already a difficult task. Also, constant surveillance to avoid theft of valuable equipment and machinery is a burden only with the traditional surveillance technique. Workers with improper personnel protection equipment are just an increased risk factor in the construction sector.

Key Issues

  • Employees break safety regulations in the workplace, which causes serious injuries and even deaths in some cases.
  • Smoke and fire hazards in the work environment. Damages cannot be controlled, as response actions to these situations are usually late.
  • Unauthorised people with malicious intent enter the construction site, which leaves the valuable items prone to theft.
VIKBOT Video Analytics

Construction Effects and Benefits

Construction sites are prone to safety concerns, as it is one of the most dangerous industries in the world. Video analytics enhances the operational capabilities in the construction sites to help with safety and security challenges faced in the sector. AI-enabled surveillance helps in detecting intruders, tracking people, and object to optimize the process.

AI Solution

  • Detect people with improper personnel protection equipment and alert the concerned authorities to help maintain safety standards inside the site.
  • Immediate alarm and alert system on detection of smoke/fire will help in minimizing the damage.
  • Detects and alerts the concerned authorities in case of perimeter intrusion/unauthorized entry.
  • A facial recognition system will help in avoiding the entry of known perpetrators inside the site.
  • Detect and alert the entry inside restricted zones to avoid accidents in a risk environment.
  • A detection system will help even in identifying the unruly behaviors inside the site and alert the authorities to take early follow-up action.