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VIKBOT Video Analytics


Manufacturing industries lose a large sum of money due to problems that cannot be solved only through human capabilities. Video analytics provide solutions to the manufacturers to control hazards arising within the premise and optimize the production process. AI enabled solutions will enhance productivity, analyse and evaluate video data to detect risks and send alerts on time.

AI Solution

  • Production quality could be improved by detecting defective products earlier with the help of analytical solutions which distinguishes between damaged and undamaged products.
  • Potential actions or behaviours that could lead to the risk of intrusion in the production process could be detected earlier on-time alerts could be generated.
  • Do away with or reduce wait times for pattern checking out through the usage of strong prediction algorithms as an alternative.
  • Avoid unexpected possibilities of human or instrumentation errors.
  • Improve maintenance planning and reduce maintenance costs by scheduling maintenance based on equipment conditions.
VIKBOT Video Analytics

Manufacture Problem

Substandard raw materials and mismanagement could lead to the production of poor-quality products. Lack of discipline in the workplace due to employees not adhering to the organization's guidelines could also cause problems. Safety hazards in the work environment could also lead to mishappenings.

AI Solution

  • By identifying sub-stranded raw materials and defective products with the help of analytical solutions that can identify damaged from undamaged items, production quality can be increased.
  • Alerts may be raised in potential actions or behaviours that raised the possibility of production process intrusion were to be identified faster.
  • Reduce or eliminate sample testing wait times by switching to reliable prediction systems.
  • Stay away from surprising potential outcomes of human or instrumentation mistakes.
  • By scheduling maintenance based on equipment conditions, maintenance planning can be improved, and costs can be decreased.