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Corporate Problem

Central surveillance for the total workplace is a difficult task. Traditional surveillance systems don’t seem to help manage these situations. Post covid work environment requires high safety protocols to be followed in the workplace. An optimal solution to tackle all these issues by working on the existing infrastructure is required to have a safe, covid-free, and positive work environment.

Key issues

  • Traditional surveillance systems cannot cope with the pace and volume of developing workplaces to ensure safety and security.
  • Inability to adapt to a tough situation and provide a safe environment during the pandemic period. Tasks such as 24/7 monitoring and detection to ensure safety protocols in a pandemic are beyond human capabilities to handle.
  • The difficulty that arises while keeping track of the large number of people entering the premise.
VIKBOT Video Analytics


Corporate offices tend to be an environment with a lot of working people. Providing a safe and secure zone for them to work in is a hustle. Pandemic times call for a lot of attention to safety details. Our AI-enabled system helps manage a safe and secure environment that has a high degree of impact on employees' productivity.

AI Solution

  • Our Intelligent surveillance system can monitor people and detect actions and send alerts to the security officers. So that they can focus their attention on the more prioritised ones.
  • Post covid workplace requires an intelligent surveillance system that can ensure safety for employees. The system can detect masks, and social distancing, a highly responsive alert system will alert on actions against safety rules.
  • A facial recognition system helps in tracking the people who enter the premise and can stop the entry of an unauthorised person to ensure a secure workplace. It can also help in updating the attendance record in the database and saves a lot of time.