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VIKBOT Video Analytics

Education Problem

Typical video surveillance networks alone don’t seem to solve the challenges faced by the educational systems. Concerns for security and safety issues still exist in institutes. Organizations require intelligence surveillance to tackle those security challenges. The problem of student inattentiveness inside the classroom requires monitoring and detection at all times. To assess the situation further staffs need insights through real-time data collection. We provide those smart solutions that understands your need.

Key Issue

  • Disciplinary concerns that arise due to unmonitored zones inside the campus.
  • Late response time in the case of any emergencies.
  • Crowd safety issues in pandemic times.
  • Unauthorized entry inside the perimeter.
  • Inattentiveness of students inside the classroom which results in poor performance in exams.
VIKBOT Video Analytics

Education Solution

Making wise use of video analytics in educational institutes can help the authorities provide a safe and efficient learning environment. Intelligent surveillance can help extract, classify, and recognize the objects and behaviors of people. These functions help the institute's authorities in optimizing the management process.

AI Solution

  • Detects person falling/slipping/collapsing and sends timely alerts to have a quick response time.
  • Detects vandalism/fighting/assaults and instant alert systems help control the situation at the early stage.
  • A perimeter intrusion detection system which helps in having a safe environment for students, staff, and assets.
  • Assessment of student's inattentiveness inside the classroom with the help of AI which detects drowsiness, yarn,and head tilt.
  • Detects and alerts when proper social distancing is not being followed to help the institute in following protocols in a pandemic situation.