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VIKBOT Video Analytics

Restaurant Problem

Maintaining consistency of standards in restaurants is a vital process in maintaining the reputation. It is a challenge for the managers to maintain a fast-paced working process along with monitoring the safety and security of employees and customers. Restaurant owners require a customized solution for optimally running the business and providing an excellent customer experience.

Key Issues

  • Inventories which are prone to theft due unmonitored surveillance.
  • Safety hazards to employees working in kitchen.
  • Poor streamlining of staff and operations due to the lack of insights on actual demand which results in revenue loss.
  • Employees not following the standards are making the process of maintaining consistency a difficult task and can result in the spoiling of reputation.
VIKBOT Video Analytics


Restaurant industries require a fast-paced way of working process to run the business smoothly. The safety and security challenges faced by the business are also at a volume and pace too rapid for humans to handle. AI-enabled surveillance system will help the restaurant business in optimizing the operation by providing safety and security to the premise along with critical data which has never been available to the restaurants.

AI Solution

  • The smart surveillance system can set up a perimeter in inventories zone to detect people who are managing it and alert when unknown people enter the zone using facial recognition.
  • The AI-enabled surveillance systems can detect suspicious behaviors and alert the concerned authorities to prevent theft.
  • Our AI can precisely detect smoke/fire in the premise and send instant alerts to have quick response action.
  • Detect and produce an analytical insight on restaurant occupancy to help plan the staff and operation based on actual demand.
  • Smart surveillance can help retailers ensure consistency by detecting employees' nonstandard procedural processes and alert the managers to take necessary action to stop this at the early stages itself.
  • AI-enabled surveillance systems can provide analytical insights on customer satisfaction and can help optimize the process to improve business.