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Healthcare Industries

The medical field is relying on technology to increase productivity and improve patient care. Being one of the industries with the quickest growth, it has its own set of challenges. Healthcare institutions in general are becoming more effective and of higher quality thanks to CCTV video analytics technologies. Healthcare professionals have started to think about how they may use what they've learned to enhance the treatment they provide while also raising their return on investment since the global pandemic's onset. Let's examine the benefits of AI-powered video surveillance systems in the healthcare industry.

Security Alert
Safety Detection
Object Detection
Quality Control
VIKBOT Video Analytics

Healthcare Industry

The manufacturing sector is in very high demand, which brings with it new demands, difficulties, and worker security and safety issues. The installed CCTV cameras are only used for remote facility monitoring and tracking. However, it is necessary to automate the alerts in the event of any safety or security-related issue, allowing for the quick identification of anything out of the usual and acceptable and removing the requirement for the respondent or admin to continuously monitor the video footage in real-time.

Key Issue

  • Lack of attention to detail in supervision lets poor-quality, defective products be dispatched in the market which could be life-threatening in the healthcare industry.
  • Security threats to the high-cost raw materials and products on the premise.
  • Bottlenecks in the production flow due to the carelessness of employees lead to heavy loss of money.
  • Sub-standard procedures of employees in the manufacturing process cause the outcome of defective products or sub-standard quality products.
  • Employees who do not adhere to the conduct of the organisation cause anomaly in operations.
VIKBOT Video Analytics

Healthcare Industry

The AI-powered intelligent system will enhance the process of manufacturing medical devices. The system can help increase productivity, reduce downtime, and ensure staff health at the facility. Attention to accuracy is vital to the healthcare device manufacturing industry. AI-powered solutions can help in achieving that by using the ability to detect minute details that are prone to human eyes. The system can analyse the overall production flow to evaluate the quality of production and bottlenecks causing delays.

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AI Solution

  • Video analytics can accurately detect even the slightest non-conformities in the products. It can constantly monitor the produced products and detect any defective products and alert the quality assurance officer.
  • The facial recognition system will only allow the authorised personnel inside the premise and detects an unauthorised person entering the restricted zone and trigger an alarm to prevent theft of valuable assets.
  • Valuable objects can be detected and tracked automatically to help in the case of theft on the premise.
  • The system can detect removed objects and trigger alarms to prevent the theft of valuable items.
  • Video analytics monitors activities in the critical area to detect any anomalies in the zone which could cause accidents and alerts when detected to ensure workers’ safety on the premise.
  • Employees loitering and being idle for more than a predefined time can be detected and concerned officials can be notified to prevent wastage of working hours by employees.
  • Employee dress codes can be checked at the entrance itself and concerned officials can be notified to take necessary disciplinary actions. As it is crucial to maintain standards during the manufacturing of healthcare devices.