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How Vikbot helps

We help companies to hire right candidates for right position with lesser effort.


Reduce Hiring Time Process

Normal interview process includes allocating a particular time for each candidate, first degree of screening and evaluation which takes a normal of 45 min for every candidate. With “Vikbot” Automatic Recruit, join every one of these means into only one advanced interview and evaluation and reduce your time spent to pretty much 10 min on a normal with upgraded quality. Avoid full interview without feelings by looking at and rating candidate reactions on chose question first. Vikbot also Contains advanced features like speak recognition and video recognition.

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Vikbot Interview Features

Automatically assess, grade and rank your candidates based on how well they perform the task for the particular role.


AI Generated Recruiter

AI Automated interviews have brought about a revolutionary change in the candidates recruitment process. It has made hiring quality people in an easier, convenient and flexible manner with low investing of hiring time process.


Speech Recognition & Automatic Assessment

We use the rise of speech recognition technology on our Vikbot . This type of speech recognition makes the interview easier and in just a few minutes.Also it will reduce the more spending time.


Live Interview Recorder

Assess more quality candidates for the suitable position in less time, and reduce the speed of hire by 80%. Get an accurate interview and provide an automated, yet engaging experience for candidates.


Cut Your Enrollment Cost By Over Half

Your recruiters and hiring administrators time is cash. Reduce their time spent on planning and organizing with numerous partners, Reduce the number of Hiring rounds and number of candidates experiencing last face to face round by over half. Give significant time back to your selection representatives and employing directors to zero in on vital activities, put time in excellent individual cooperations with applicants you are more sure to enroll and decrease your expense by over half.

Volume Hiring

It requires a one-time effort

Time is of a pith and this talking method considers. Interviewing each applicant actually, needs a great deal of time. Having an automated interviewing application deal with the prescreening cycle saves a lot of time.

Volume Hiring

Evaluate delicate soft skills for the total candidate profile

Test for communication, cooperation and other job based skills in the same assessment.Immersive question types, Create genuine scenarios,Automatic AI grading.

Volume Hiring

Point the best candidates before you interview

Our AI will review and rank your competitor responses according to the skills you value. This means instead of surveying resumes you’ll be testing and evaluating real world skills so you can be confident the candidates you progress to recruiting chiefs can carry out the responsibility.

Volume Hiring

Find the top performers right away with AI

In case you're recruiting a Developer you might be searching for someone with skills like attention to detail and communication. Our AI models measure a great many responses quickly looking for specific words or sentiments that reflect these qualities precisely.

Technical Hiring

Applicant Profiles

A total applicant profile is produced, including a general performance ranking against the suitable job, and capability scores in every skill evaluated.

Technical Hiring

Assessment Insights

Use assessment insights to connect high-performing candidates to work advertisements or referrals, and advance your evaluation to make the process simple anda good time for competitors.

Technical Hiring

Locate the top performers in a split second with AI

Our AI models measure a huge number of reactions quickly looking for specific words or sentiments that reflect these qualities accurately.

Technical Hiring


Recruit candidates with strong attention to detail with interactive question types like video or audio recognition. It will help to hire quality people quickly and easily.So that we have less time for recruiting the quality candidates to suitable job positions.

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Hiring not the big deal.



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10 Jobs

40 Candidates

Interview recording

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20 Jobs

80 Candidates

Interview recording

Speak enable

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