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Warehouse Management System

By automatically monitoring video of people, vehicles, and objects in a camera's field of view and their associated behaviours, new intelligent video analytics software enables improved security and surveillance solutions.

Dress Code Check
Social Distancing
vehicle checking
Safety Check
VIKBOT Video Analytics

Warehouse Management System

Stocking and restocking can be done on time and efficiently without the need for labor surveillance. Alert messages will be triggered on low- running inventories requesting immediate restocking. Fragile stocks can be identified easily to be replaced easily as a part of loss prevention.

AI Solution

  • The installed system in the existing infrastructure will monitor, detect, alert, and give analytical solutions by processing informative data.
  • To create a solution that will take care of each of these issues and offer the business a solution. The system must operate effectively on existing infrastructure while keeping costs in check.
  • The invented solution must be workable and should resolve the issue in the present without adding any new complexity.
  • Must use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve production scheduling and planning for millions of customer-product combinations. To forecast change orders and provide a guide for the demand forecasting process, use machine learning algorithms trained on historical data.
  • Using AI to predict off-spec products more effectively than with conventional methods will improve product quality and overall yield across batch and continuous processes. Identify product yield risk factors using machine learning models to produce contextual alerts and valuable information to direct prevention efforts.
  • Reduce or eliminate sample testing wait times by using prediction algorithms.