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Retail Analytics

Our retail analytics system will track user behavior and give you insights into your customers. The system will be highly responsive and work in real-time to provide the updates to you in the web dashboard. It will help you identify your customers, anticipate their demands and invest your money in the right places.

Mask Detection
Path Tracking
Footfall Analysis
Safety Check
VIKBOT Video Analytics


Automating your CCTV cameras with AI in a retail space can go a long way. You can achieve both, Direct and Indirect ROIs by utilizing your cameras as a 3rd eye. From the rEducation of manual auditing to better staff accountability and highly optimized marketing campaigns to target customer-centric offerings, this virtual workforce enabled by Video Analytics offers a plethora of benefits and breakthroughs for the organization.

AI Solution

  • Retail outlets and restaurants/cafes can have a track of the number of visitors on an hourly or daily basis. This can assist the management in analyzing the inventory requirements of a store along with its performance and customers’ reaction to marketing campaigns.
  • Detects and sends instant alerts on suspicious behaviors that could help avoid theft.
  • Loss rEducation can be done by identifying the slow-moving products to be placed accordingly.
  • Customer faces can be analyzed to measure Customer satisfactory experience and optimization can be worked upon using that real-time data.
  • A highly responsive queue management system can help in managing the queue by performing queue length detection and wait time analysis.