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Face Detection

Face Recognition is a type of video analysis that recognises both known and unidentified people. This face recognition analytical is created for quick, accurate identification under real-world challenges like lighting, angles, facial hair, pose, glasses, and other occlusions by combining invention 2D to 3D pose correction technology.

VIKBOT Video Analytics

Face Detection

Face detection is a synthetic intelligence-based computer era used to discover and perceive human faces in digital snapshots. Face detection can be applied to various fields, including security, biometrics, law enforcement and entertainment. It can also provide surveillance and tracking of people in real-time.

AI Solution

  • The AI Video Analytics module takes the inputs from the files or VMS and simultaneously offers items which have appeared at different times inside the video.
  • This consequences in a dramatically shorter video segment that preserves the viewer's ability to investigate the scene, enabling the overview of hours of video in minutes.
  • The AI machine lets the customers outline triggers for actual-time, rule-primarily based indicators for Facial popularity, unauthorised access, line-crossing, human beings of hobby and items be counted, in time-sensitive situations.
  • The platform enables users to reply to complex situational adjustments within the environment thru buildable rule configurations primarily based on any number of search filters.
  • The Facial recognition system Module gives as much as 99% accuracy supplying an enormously dependable answer for human management.
  • Sensible video analytics can understand a couple of Faces throughout a couple of streams concurrently in actual time and on an aspect platform.