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Loitering Detection

Loitering detection enables to zoom in and follow people who are remaining in a particular place for protracted time. Loitering analytics can alert operators that someone may look for an opportunity to enter a locked area. With this advanced warning security personnel can take the proper action before a person actually enters the area.

Security Alert
Safety Line
Unauthorized person
Theft Alert
VIKBOT Video Analytics


People who are loitering in front of cameras are detected by loitering detection. A network camera will begin tracking every moving object it sees that is the size of a person. This makes it easier for operators to recognise the subjects the camera is following by highlighting them in frames.

AI Solution

  • 24/7  surveillance of public areas like parks, parking lots, lobbies, and entrances.
  • Minimising the negative behaviour associated with drug abuse.
  • Improving property risks like theft, posters, and smoke.
  • Reduces dangers to individuals like harassment at building entrances.
  • Attempting to reduce the likelihood of crime like identity theft near ATMs.
  • Notifies staff about potential vagrants and use early intervention to stop violence.