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Crowd Analytics

Crowd Detection is a Symphony video analytics feature that estimates the population in a particular area in real time and sounds an alarm when a predetermined capacity or predetermined occupancy level is achieved.

Mask Detection
Social Distancing
Crowd Density Analysis
Risk Prediction
VIKBOT Video Analytics

crowd Video Analytics

Video cameras are more and more prepared with video analytics software. It analyses and translates many captured pics from digicam hardware and sensors. It could provide us with an entire document on any footage, from offering the precise wide variety of people at a scene or detecting the movement of any item on the screen.

AI Solution

  • Crowd detection detects crowd formations and triggers alarms while a targeted quantity of people or a specified percentage of people is reached in a pre-selected region.
  • Crowd detection improves public protection by using detecting the surprising formation of crowds.
  • Crowd detection is ideal for tracking public spaces, event venues and ability-confined environments.
  • Crowd counting Results grounded on videotape analytics can help alert authorities when places get too crowded and where social distance needs to be executed.
  • These alerts can be received in real-time and synced to remote mobile devices, according to the user's location.